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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cowboy Stadium adds bowling to its list of events

Cowboy Stadium adds bowling to its list of events

Since Cowboys Stadium opened for business in May of 2009, it has hosted concerts, bull riding, boxing matches, yoga, motocross races and obviously football games.

So why not add bowling to the list?

According to The Associated Press, that is exactly what is in the works. The U.S. Women's Open is scheduled to be held in the home of the Dallas Cowboys on June 30.

Wooden lanes will be placed on either side of the Cowboys star at midfield, which will be surrounded by temporary seats for the event.

Pro bowler Stefanie Nation told the AP on Friday that it's exciting to have "the pinnacle of women's bowling" at the site of last season's Super Bowl.

"It's incredible," she said. "This is going to be the first time a major women's (bowling) event will be held at a nontraditional venue."

The goal of organizers is for the event to break the bowling attendance record. The current record is 7,212, which was set at the Men's Open at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit in 1995.

"That's one of the beautiful things about Cowboys Stadium," said Steve Johnson, executive director of the nonprofit Bowling Proprietors' Association of America, the event's organizer. “We can get a lot of people in there."

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