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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tim McGraw Pulls Out of Movie

Tim McGraw Drops Out of the Film 'Safe House'

by Donna Hughes

Tim McGraw has had to pull out of theDenzel Washington film, 'Safe House,' owing to scheduling conflicts.

"I had to back out because we had all signed up to get ready to do the movie and we all had our schedules and when my tour was going to start," Tim tells Chicago radio station, US99 (WUSN-FM). "And then, as movies do, it kept being moved back and back. And the movie's being filmed in South Africa. It ended up, we would have had to move 28 shows. The numbers for what they would pay me to do this movie, and the numbers for what I would make and what it would cost to do 28 shows were no where in the same ballpark. So, I had to back out of the movie; times are tough, man!"

'Safe House' is about a young C.I.A. agent (Ryan Reynolds), who is in charge of transporting a crook (Denzel) with a group of assassins hot on their heels.

Even though he is no longer involved in 'Safe House,' fans will be able to catch Tim on the big screen later this year in the film, 'Dirty Girl,' which is set to hit theaters nationwide in August. The movie stars Milla JovovichWilliam H. MacyMary Steenburgen and Dwight Yoakam. Set in 1987, the movie follows a promiscuous teenage girl and a sexually confused boy, who leave home in search of their true identities.

Tim began his movie career with the independent film, 'Black Cloud,' and he followed that with a stunning performance in 'Friday Night Lights,' as well as 'Flicka,' 'The Kingdom,' 'Four Christmases,' 'The Blind Side' and most recently, 'Country Strong,' which arrived on DVD this week.

The entertainer recently launched his Emotional Traffic tour, featuring Luke Bryan and the Band Perry. Tim is set to hit the stage tonight (April 15) in Philadelphia, Miss., and Saturday (April 16) in Atlanta, Ga. For more of Tim's tour dates, click here.

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