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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thursday Night: Rodeo Season is Heating Up

Thursday Night: Rodeo Season is Heating Up

Written by  Annika Cline

Thursday night’s rodeo events were crowd-pleasers from start to finish
Thursday night at the World’s Oldest Rodeo in Prescott kicked off (literally) with the wild horse racing. This is one of the most team-oriented events in rodeo, and some may say also one of the most entertaining. Teams of three worked together to saddle a “wild horse” so that one member could ride it – all while the horse tried to escape. It seemed many of the horses got their way, but a couple teams managed to saddle up and ride to victory.
One trio, Willy Wise, took second place in the event; perhaps a bit of a letdown only because they had managed to take first the previous evening. According to Peewee, the event is partially based on luck. Lucky or not, Peewee and his team have a lot of experience in the game of rodeo, all three being Prescott natives. And Peewee is adamant that the World’s Oldest Rodeo stick to tradition – as in, no cheaters coming along and changing the nature of the sport.
“We’re trying to bring sportsmanship back to the rodeo,” were the “wise” words from this local team.
Thursday Night: Rodeo Season is Heating Up
While Prescott kicks off rodeo nights with the wild horse races, they save the bull riding for the finale; this might just be due to the energizing affect it has on the fans.
Thursday’s bull riding event was no different, as only one of the twelve riders managed to stay on longer than eight seconds. Kris Newman from Casper, Wyoming rode the bucking bull “High Noon,” and 1ended up with a score of 74.
Other riders that snagged first place Thursday night were bareback rider Casey Colletti from Colorado; saddle bronc rider Ty Atchison from Missouri; Justin Maass in the tie down roping event; steer wrestler Trevor Duhon from nearby Phoenix, Arizona; and barrel racer Megan Stock from Taylor, Arizona.


  • Delvecchio Kaye (Round Rock, AZ) on Little Brother 64
  • Beau Le Doux (Kaycee, WY) on Kitty74
  • Casey Colletti (Pueblo, CO) on Brother86


  • Leander Thomas (Steamboat, Az) on Good Eye 0
  • Wade Sundell (Boxholm, IA) on Jumping Bean 79
  • Ty Atchison (Jackson, MO) on General Tom 81
  • Jesse Kruse (Great Falls, MT) on Speed Control 73
  • Jace Garrett (Alliance, NE) on Alpine 77
  • Townsend Prince (Livermore, CO) on Snort 0
  • Troy Crowser (Whitewood, SD) on Minnie Fry 71
  • Tol Cawley (Crockett, TX) on Fantasy Girl 0
  • Cody Wright (Milford, UT) on Little Miss 77
  • Alex Wright (Virgin, UT) on Jumpin Jack 75
  • Jake Wright (Melford, UT) on Loose Wire 0
  • Jesse Wright (Milford, UT) on Nightstalker 74
  • Jesse Bail (Camp Crook, SD) on Stepper 75


  • Clay Parsons (Marana, AZ) 0
  • Seth Hall (Albuquerque, NM) 0
  • Shawn Hastings (Gilbert, AZ) 18.3
  • Russ Sullivan (Peralta, NM) 0
  • Seth Childers (Cameron, TX) 12.5
  • Houston Hutto (Tomball, TX) 23.9
  • Justin Maass (Giddings, TX) 10.3
  • Scott Kormos (Teague, TX) 12.2
  • Brian O'Brien (Prescott, AZ) 0

Steer Wrestling

  • Cade Swor (Winnie, TX) nnto
  • Trevor Duhon (Phoenix, AZ) 5.7
  • Russell Armenta (Bloomfield, NM) 0
  • Kurt Stallings (Clovis, NM) 8.2
  • Tanner Robinson (Mesilla Park, NM) 6.3
  • Bill Claunch (Magdalena, NM) 10.1
  • Justin Davis (Bartonville, TX) 7.2
  • Montana Gray Hand (New River, AZ) 8.2


  • 276 David Key Caldwell, TX - 126 Justin Davis Cottonwood, CA6.9
  • 335 Chad Masters Clarksville, TN - 100 Jade Corkill Fallon, NV8.7
  • 449 Nick Sartain Yukon, OK - 535 Kollin VonAhn Durant, OK0
  • 209 Seth Hall Albuquerque, NM - 72 Anthony Calmelat Marana, AZ7.4
  • 307 Blaine Linaweaver Leavenworth, KS - 217 Kipp Harrell Wall, TX0
  • 576 Justin Yost Hico, TX - 110 Kyle Crick Lipan, TX6.1
  • 497 Russ Sullivan Peralta, NM - 496 Brian Sullivan Peralta, N0
  • 180 Daylan Frost Show Low, AZ - 546 Kyle Welsh Parker, AZ15.1
  • 310 Terry Logan Jr. Caldwell, ID - 31 Brandon Bates Norco, CA8.9


  • Juli Miller (Marana, AZ) 18.24
  • Jolee Lautaret (Kingman, AZ) 18.19
  • Dolli Lautaret (Kingman, AZ) 18.02
  • Erin Parsons (Marana, AZ) 17.9
  • Emily Parsons (Marana, AZ) 18.25
  • Mandy Sproul (Benson, AZ) 18.51
  • Megan Stock (Taylor, AZ) 17.84
  • Paula Snapp (Desert Hill, AZ) 19


  • Colin McTaggart (Las Vegas, NV) on Dirty Looks 0
  • Guytin Tsosie (Farmington, NM) on Pure Poison 0
  • Spud Jones (Tohatchi, NM) on HAY GRAZER 0
  • Dan Curtin (Show Low, AZ) on Brule 0
  • Kris Newman (Casper, WY) on HIGH NOON 74
  • John Herman (Gillette, WY) on HIGHWAY 69 0
  • John Jacobs (Timber Lake, SD) on CAT BALLOU 0
  • Ty Clearwater (Weatherford, OK) on CYBER CAT 0
  • Wade Payne (Beaver, OK) on SUMMER NIGHTS 0
  • Shawn Coleman (Springfield, SD) on ZIPPER BURN 0
  • Shawn Harris (Prairie City, SD) on EUGENE 0

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