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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ochocinco Retires . . . from Bullriding

Ochocinco Retires . . . from Bullriding

Before he spent 1.5 seconds (and the video, posted by BlackSportsOnline,com, suggests it was about 1.45 seconds less than that) on the back of a bull, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco suggested that he could be doing it again.
After he was thrown from Deja Blu like rain sliding down a steep tin roof, Ochocinco was singing a different tune.
One and done,” he said, per the Associated Press.
Ochocinco still earned $10,000 for making it out of the chute, but he fell 6.5 seconds (or, arguably, 7.95 seconds) short of the goal for winning a Ford F-150 truck and the ability to re-name the bull.
“I’m sure my coach was probably [upset],” Ochocinco said regarding the risk of serious injury that the player assumed.  “I mean, I would be, too.  I’m sure the NFL is [upset], but I don’t follow their rules anyway.”
Because of the lockout, neither the team nor the league can stop Ochocinco from riding a bull or engaging in any other risky endeavors.  And as risks go there aren’t many larger ones than riding a bull.

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